Our 14 Favorite Backsplashes to Match White Cabinets

Our 14 Favorite Backsplashes to Match White Cabinets

There’s a reason white cabinets have been the most popular kitchen cabinet color for a long time, other than their timeless, clean beauty. They are incredibly versatile and can go with various styles, from classic to modern to coastal kitchen. There is also a wide range of kitchen backsplashes that can match your pristine white cabinets. Here are our 14 favorite backsplash styles to go with white cabinets.


Wood allows you many options in design and color for your backsplash. Different types of wood give it different textures, and you can have them carved into different patterns. You can also use different paints to blend in with the rest of your kitchen or use a bold color that draws attention.


Not many kitchens these days have real, exposed brick in their kitchens, so this look will definitely catch people’s attention. You can always use a brick veneer if you don’t have a brick wall but still want the look. It gives you the same look, protects your kitchen walls, and is inexpensive to install.


Stone backsplashes have been a hot look in kitchens the last few years. A stone backsplash adds an earthy warmth that a kitchen featuring white cabinets might be missing. It also creates a unique accent to your kitchen as no two stone backsplashes are exactly the same.

Wall-to-Wall Tile

Want to tie your kitchen together seamlessly? Wall-to-wall tiling is a surefire way to give your kitchen a smooth, clean look. All your walls are entirely protected from cooking messes and are easy to clean. It’s also one less thing to match with the rest of your kitchen.


A metal backsplash can tie in with your white kitchen cabinets quite nicely for a truly modern style. It also matches stainless steel appliances throughout your kitchen.

White Zellige Tiles

It’s easy for a kitchen featuring white cabinets to feel too clean and not like home. Using white zellige tiles can add a bit of character to your kitchen to feel a little more mellow and easy to live in. They are also easy to clean, and dirt won’t show up as easily as it would on your white kitchen cabinets.

Colorful Focal Point

White kitchen cabinets allow you to draw attention wherever you want to in your kitchen. A colorful backsplash that stands out from a primarily white or contrasting white and black kitchen can make the room feel lively and show your creativity.

Gloss Finish

Glossy finishes on backsplashes elevate kitchens with white cabinets. The glossy finish creates a reflective surface, helping light bounce around the room, helping your kitchen feel lighter and more open. And did we mention they are easy to clean?

White Marble

White marble creates a lovely accent that matches white kitchen cabinets. It is also quite versatile, helping support a rustic farmhouse look or a modern kitchen style. And, of course, upkeep is far from a hassle.

Match Your Countertops

A simple method of creating a cohesive kitchen style is to have matching countertops and backsplash. A white or gray marble helps tie them together with a neutral color or texture and helps maintain a clean, simple color scheme.


A chevron design is a subtle way to add variation to your kitchen. Even if you use white or gray colors that match your white kitchen cabinets, the different shapes make your kitchen feel more dynamic. Even an all-white chevron backsplash that perfectly matches your kitchen cabinets will add depth.


Who says a backsplash has to close off your kitchen? Using a window in place of a backsplash helps let in natural light to create a more open, lighter kitchen. It also extends the room, seeming larger without a hard barrier. Like many of our other backsplash recommendations, it’s easy to keep clean.

Victorian Chic

Pairing white kitchen cabinets with a simple design for your backsplash makes for a great kitchen style. Depending on your style, you can use either muted or bolder colors that pop. Either way, Victorian Chic designs are an excellent feature to pair with white kitchen cabinets.

Charcoal Gray Stacked Stone

Charcoal gray stones work best to have a modern kitchen with a stone backsplash. It contrasts with cabinets and other white features in your kitchen while creating a unique accent for your backsplash. It balances being earthy and a clean, modern style.

White cabinets are some of the most versatile kitchen cabinets out there. They go with a wide selection of kitchen styles and backsplashes, so you can be sure that your kitchen cabinets will match your design even as your tastes change. Shop our selection today for white cabinets that will look great with these backsplash tiles!


What is the most popular kitchen backsplash?

Ceramic tiles are the most popular kitchen backsplash because they are versatile and easy to maintain. They are also inexpensive to install and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

What is a good backsplash for a kitchen?

Ceramic tile is an excellent overall kitchen backsplash. It is easy to maintain, durable, affordable, and comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to match almost any kitchen style.

Why are backsplashes so expensive?

Higher-quality material and labor costs can lead to high installation costs for backsplashes. That said, these materials will require less maintenance and last longer.

What is the easiest kitchen backsplash to install?

Square tiles are the easiest backsplashes to install because they are the easiest to cut and align. Backsplashes that come as solid sheets are also easier to install.

Are kitchen backsplashes out of style?

Kitchen backsplashes are definitely not out of style. They are necessary for keeping your wall free of damage and can either have a unique, eye-catching design or a beautiful accent to tie your kitchen together.

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