8 Tips for Reducing Kitchen Cabinets Costs

8 Tips for Reducing Kitchen Cabinets Costs

When remodeling your kitchen, kitchen cabinets make up a large part of your budget. Getting high-end custom cabinets can quickly eat up more of your budget than you planned, but there are ways to get quality kitchen cabinets without splurging. These eight tips will help you reduce your kitchen cabinet cost while giving you quality cabinets that will last for many years.

Pick an Affordable Wood

Balancing quality and price is critical for having long-lasting but affordable cabinets. Woods such as Oak or Hickory can hit that balance and reduce your kitchen cabinet cost, while woods such as Maple or Cherry will drive up the price.

You can also reduce costs by opting for engineered wood kitchen cabinet boxes instead of all-plywood construction. Thermofoil or laminate are durable kitchen cabinet box options that lower your cost while also being easy to maintain.

Fewer Drawers

We all love drawers, they are wonderfully convenient, but they drive up your kitchen cabinet cost. They require lots of additional material and labor to make, which can quickly add hundreds of dollars to your kitchen remodel. Limiting the number of drawers you have in your kitchen and opting for more cabinets will give you more storage space at a more affordable price tag.

RTA Cabinets

An effortless way to reduce your kitchen cabinet cost is to order RTA cabinets instead of assembled. RTA cabinets, or ready to assemble, are cabinets shipped to you in a flat box and constructed on-site instead of at the factory. Once it arrives, you assemble the RTA kitchen cabinets yourself, saving you hundreds of dollars in labor costs.

Assembling RTA kitchen cabinets can sound daunting to most people, but it’s easier and faster than most people realize. RTA kitchen cabinets can be constructed in as little as 7-15 minutes with very few tools. All RTA cabinets include step-by-step instructions to ensure you build and install them correctly, and if you need a visual guide, we have assembly videos to provide extra help.

RTA cabinets are cost-effective without reducing the quality of your cabinets. Plus, they are less likely to be damaged during shipping. Check out our wide selection of RTA kitchen cabinets to save money on your remodel!

Budget-Friendly Doors

Not all kitchen cabinet doors are made equal in terms of price. You can reduce your kitchen cabinet cost by opting for simpler kitchen cabinet doors. Trimmings and moldings inflate the cost of kitchen cabinets and aren’t as versatile as simpler kitchen cabinets. If you decide to change your kitchen style, you’ll likely have to replace them with kitchen cabinets that match the new theme.

Shaker-style kitchen cabinet doors are the best way to get stylish, functional cabinets without inflated costs. Shaker kitchen cabinets are minimalist, so they work great with various kitchen styles, from rustic to modern. They are highly functional and don’t have unnecessary trim, so you get a quality, cost-effective cabinet.

Resurface the Doors

Sometimes you don’t need to get entirely new kitchen cabinets. Instead of completely replacing your cabinets, you can reduce your kitchen cabinet cost by just resurfacing the doors. A fresh coat of paint, a new color entirely, or adding a veneer to your doors can give your kitchen the updated look you want. Painting and adding veneers don’t have to be professionally done, but even if you choose to have a professional do it, it will be a lot less expensive than replacing the whole kitchen cabinet.

Avoid Customization

This is a pretty simple concept. Custom cabinets inflate your kitchen cabinet cost. The more unique your cabinets are, the more they will cost. You may need some customization to make sure they fit your kitchen. Many kitchens will have weird corners or other features that your kitchen cabinets will have to work around, but extra expenditures such as glass doors, crown moldings, or pull-out trash drawers don’t improve your kitchen’s functionality if your priority is to keep the kitchen cabinet cost low.

Replace the Cabinet Doors

It’s a more significant investment than just painting over your cabinet doors and drawers but replacing the doors and drawer faces is roughly half the cost of replacing the entire kitchen cabinet. If the style and moldings don’t suit what you want for your kitchen, replacing them with a new style, such as a versatile shaker door, can keep costs low without losing the quality of your cabinets.

Avoid Extra Features

The bells and whistles always cost extra. Roll-out trays, pull-out bins, spice racks, and lazy susans are all great additions to kitchen cabinets, but often they are unnecessary and drive up the kitchen cabinet cost. These are all excellent features that can make your organization easier but adding features you aren’t going to use regularly won’t be worth the price point. Spice racks are great for people who cook a lot, and lazy susans make corner cabinets much more convenient, but stick to what’s necessary.

Reduce Kitchen Cabinet Costs at Affordable Cabinet Depot

Kitchen cabinets are a considerable expense, and you should make sure you get quality, functional cabinets. A low cost doesn’t mean much if it’ll need replacing within a few years. But ordering RTA kitchen cabinets, getting affordable wood, refreshing cabinets instead of replacing them, and avoiding unnecessary features will help you keep the price down while also getting quality cabinets.

If you are ready to order quality cabinets at an affordable price, check out our wide selection of kitchen cabinets and find the one that fits your kitchen style today!

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